Treatment of bartholinitis with antibiotics is also carried out in a local form. The drug as part of fluconazole online is applied directly to the skin in the area of ​​​​the inflamed gland. So antibiotics act more locally, create a high concentration in the tissues of the gland and the surrounding tissue. Their impact on the entire body is excluded, thereby minimizing the risk of side effects.

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Levomekol ointment is well suited for local treatment. It combines an antimicrobial drug with a healing one, successfully copes with inflammation. The ointment is easy to apply and quickly penetrates into the focus of inflammation. Apply 1-2 times a day in a thin layer. Effective for the treatment of bartholinitis and Tetracycline ointment. It is applied to the skin of the labia with a thin layer 3-5 times a day. Acute bartholinitis requires a woman to have sexual rest for the entire period of treatment. She should follow a diet with a restriction of spicy dishes, marinades, smoked meats, fatty and fried foods. It is necessary to completely exclude alcohol - against the background of taking diflucan, it can cause a toxic reaction. Compliance with all the doctor's recommendations allows in most cases to cure bartholinitis without surgery.

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Treatment of chronic bartholinitis is not an easy problem. The microbial factor at this stage already plays a secondary role, and violations of local immunity come first. Therapy is carried out in the following ways: The appointment of antibiotics in cases where diflucan pills is found in the discharge from the gland or the woman has a sexually transmitted infection.

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Vaginal suppositories with beneficial bacteria to restore the vaginal microflora and local immunity (Acilact, Laktonorm). Immunomodulators - drugs for normalizing the reactivity of the immune system (Likopid, Timalin). Dimexide in combination with anti-inflammatory drugs (indomethacin solution) - tampons or diflucan napkins are impregnated with this composition and injected into the vagina / compresses are made on the area of ​​​​the inflamed gland. Physiotherapy to stimulate local immunity and accelerate tissue healing - magnetotherapy, exposure to high frequency current (UHF), electrophoresis with anti-inflammatory drugs.

Surgery is the only optimal treatment option for chronic bartholinitis, especially if it is accompanied by cyst formation. Medical methods of treatment in this case do not give a result. The operation is performed only when all other inflammatory chronic diseases are eliminated. To do this, before the operation, the woman undergoes a gynecological examination, during which a smear and other tests for infections are taken from her.

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If there are signs of inflammation in the smear or other tests, then the disease that caused it is initially treated. Also, a woman should not have a temperature, urine tests and blood tests should also be without signs of inflammation.
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